Im Gold,its the God in me.

She is The Lotus ♧

.She IsThe Lotus
¿From The Depths of Darkness 

She Feeds on the dirt

When Light Breaks Through The mist..

A Divine Being emerge

The Seed is in Her

Seed of destiny

In A Beautiful Flower

As She comes out of the Dark

Fiercely, with Light in Her Heart  

She now fully embrace her shadow

As much as Her light-

Her Glow ,Her Halo… 

No More 

Playing roles to fit into society

No More

Suppressing Her true nature

Out of fear of what others think

No more

Worrying about being judged

 Her authentic self is positive

Even the toughest conditions 

Feeds her growth

She Is….The Lotus



♧ And Awakend

To a higher state of consciousness

A deep connection with nature 

She  creates her own reality 

Choosing to grow In her Doom

Created to Reach towards the light and bloom.

A Beautiful Lotus  

The Flower of Peace

She Came bounding into a world of the Unforeseen and Uncertainty.

Grew up with opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth 

Secure in the knowledge of  love 

Free from fear of the unknown 

Knowing that…

Perfection of the world lies in how its viewed

She Now Owns Calmness and serenity

She now is..THE LOTUS.

These  words belong to her

When u Read them out Loud

These Words… The intensity and the passion in the sound. ..

Belongs To HER….

So it enters  differently into your Heart than they do in hers

Its Your Emotions 

Her Light now Cures…💢 

She generates a Power

That Erupts Different Emotions 

To Different Eyes

Viewing viewing The Same Flower,

Surviving in toughest Conditions…

She Shares the Story 

Of a flower that Remains beautiful in Nature in all its glory…
The Secret of Life Surrounds her

The Light of Love lives in her

Whatever the Struggle

A pure  heart❤

A rich soul💛

She Now knows her only Need


Faith Even as Small as a Lotus seed….

Im Gold….. Its The God in me♡


    I Founnd Me in Me

    ​ I Found Me in Me…
    Endless days, 

    Sleepless Nights, 

    I find myself thinking, 


    Who am I? 

    Moving from Cities to Provinces 

    I met different people 

    Different races 
    In search for answers… 
    I found the Hero in me… 

    Questions overflowed 

    The S on my chest answered 
    I am a person who matters, 

    I make others feel my presence 
    My Past taught me how 2 learn everyday 

    Now I have courage 2 make each day my own… 

    My Future is full of possibilities 

    I’m not scared to face tomorrow 

    Because I know my God is already there… 
    I am intelligent… 

    I am inquisitive… 

    I am strong… 

    I have a desire to get more and more knowledge 

    from the ocean of wisdom 
    I am Keezlin Gold 

    And I can give to others 

    If not the moon, if not the stars, 

    But a sweet smile on my face 

    which spreads happiness along my way 

    Because I believe that happiness is Contagious 

    And that jealousy is outrageous… 
    Thank Goodness I’m not perfect 
    That will mean I won’t be able to pack a bag 

    Living on the edge… 
    Creating my own adventures… 

    Playing in the sun, 

    Dancing in the rain… 

    Waking up to the smell of that first spring day 

    Swimming in the river streams… 

    Exploring the Gifts God bestowed upon me 
    Not perfectly but graciously… 

    Making use of 

    A gift from God… 

    “MY LIFE” 

    MY inner Self Reminds me daily 

    That I am a blessing to this earth 
    And this is the reason 

    why I am the happiest 

    When I am what I AM 
    That’s who I am 

    Proudly I say out Loud 

    This Is ME!!

    ​The Gift in Gold Wrapping Paper.

    Is the Gift of Being.

    There is nothing more precious then the heartbeat in your chest.

    As He opened your eyes Today, marvel at the beauties of the land from east to west.

    Inhale the sweet aroma of a new day,

    A new Quest…

    This is a day the Lord has made

    Don’t let anything that defines u escape ur notice today.

    Your wisdom comes from the never ending waves of the ocean.

    Victory is yours 

    Drink from His Fountains of Love

    Eat from His trees of Life

    Listen to the whirling of His wind…

    Smell His Goodness in His Flowers

    Listen For His voice in those of Others

    Look for Him!!!!!!!!

    He is in the Darkest of The Nights

    He is the  man u see in The Moon 

    He is The Magical Rays of the Sun illuminating all Darkness 

    He is The Glow of A Smile that can break through the shame 

    He is The colour in every rainbow you experience after the rain

    He is The strength you receive when you look in you..

    Through your tear filled eyes 

    Deep beyond  the pit where your burdens lies

    Is where you will find him 

    when you look at you too find you

    when you look inside and find Him 

    your reflection now will have a meaning of new

    overwhelming nd bright but like God it will always be true.

    Im Gold, Its the God in me … 

    Devine Appointment 


     Years had passed. … 

    I Kept my distance and my mouth shut. 

    No longer will I continue this mascerade.. 

     No longer will I be one person in the world… When i know im  I Am the entire world in one person.

     In exodus 

     God said too Moses 

    I AM WHO I AM. 

    Go And tell the Isrealites 

    ‘The I AM’ sent me, to you.

     So Because ‘He Is’ ….

    ‘I Am ‘

     And will be!. 

     Its not a matter of where I come from. 

    Its a matter of who I am. 

    Its not a matter of where I’ve been. 

     Its a matter of what I will accomplish . 

     My yesterdays I spent in silence 

     Today, my noise is annointed 

    Hear me 

    Hear me as I speak peace over the violence. 

     My Truth is on the tip of this pen

    On this page I find refuge and peace of mind . 

    When Pen meets paper from my Hands ….

    My inner most beautiful stories, darkest secrets, hardships,knowledge and faith is revealed in permanent ink.

    I am a spirit, with a soul and a sound mind in a body.

    My spirit unlocked my purpose 

    Where I Belong.

     You see, I Am The Chozen 

     Not the called. 

    And Now..

    I Am 

     I Am Whole and of one mind. 

     As my faith is strentghened 

    I Know God is in control 

    As my Destiny unfolds 

    Wisdom resides on my tongue 

     Understanding welcomes words like a sweet melody to my ears. 

    My Heart will smile through my eyes.

    Light all around me,

    Light from the clear blue skies. 

     The Glow of my smile shines through my scars.

    Giving Hope to all pure hearTs clothed in sorrow on my path. 

    I am not a supermodel with flawless skin and long Smooth hair. 

    But my Heart is Beautiful,true and Pure in everything I wear. 

     I’m not a princess, And Oh… 

    I don’t walk in Heels. 

    But I am Royalty as My Father is The King of Kings, and I walk in His favour and blessings. 

    I don’t Fit into what society calls ‘normal’

    I don’t have a black quitar so I’ve never been a rockstar.. 

    I am unique and created to be the difference I want to see.

    When I praise Gods name He silences all the angels in the Heaven to listen to a Star He created sing His Praises. 

      So …

    I May Look Lost and confused to all my judges.

     Not Knowing they only see what I choose to show them 

    Because God is not a author of confusion, He is a God of Peace.

     The ‘Nowhere’ that my audience think I am….

    Is exactly where God wants me to be, as He orders my steps. 

     His Plan is Perfect… 

    My flaws, \●●\


    My perfect imperfections 

    And all my mistakes… 》》》

    Makes me who I am… 《《《

     Not Perfect.

    No fantasy fairytale. 

    But Because He Lives in me… 

    I Am Who i Am 

    Created in His Image 

    Redeemed By His Blood

    These words are annointed. 

    This is Me ☆☆☆

    This is the story of 


    Because God Said…. 

     Go Tell them.. 

     That the ‘I AM’ sent me,too you 

     I’m Gold…Its the God in Me® 

    •Own Your Destiny•

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